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Jul 19, 2010
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Well to start things off, originally i had posted another entry from my phone a few days ago, but when i checked my blog the next morning my entry was not there. Unfortunately i ended up finding put the reason a few seonds ago. The mistake i made was that i had sent it through by MMS, not email. Realizing that, i'm going to make sure i remember to choose the email option next time, not message.
Second topic being a goal update. The past few days i have been trying many new things: write a mobile novel, learn code on my own, study for my drivers license and try to straighten myself up for the coming college year. During my freetime(aka when i'm being lazy and unwanting to do anything) I am rewatching my fav taiwanese drama of all time: It Started With A Kiss and it has once again given me hope to work hard. That, and it just makes me a very happy person in general. Also, something i realized while watching the drama, there are times where my mind will translate words i remember in japanese and korean. For example, if the eng subs(fyi i can't read chinese, and i don't understand the taiwanese language at all) in the drama reads,"Am i right?" my mind will automatically think "Deshou?" which is basically that in jap. Another example is if I read,"Aiyo" I think "Aigoo" which is basically that in korean. It's weird and has never happened to me before! I wonder if this is a good thing lol...
Have you ever noticed that when speaking your mother language you don't ever think about it? English, for example. When i speak and write it, i don't need to think,"Okay so this is a noun, and after that goes the verb and in between that you need this and that word type." because you just do it automatically. Is there a way you can learn a language this way? Where it's not you figure out which words are nouns and which words are verbs but instead you just go out learn by making mistakes and learning from them. I hope eventually i can use that sort of adaptation to language with korean, chinese(mandarin, taiwanese) and japanese. There are so many languages out there, i wouldn't mind learning how to read and write all of them.
Alright, enough blogging. It's late and i have things to look forward doing tomorrow. Bye!!



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