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Sep 25, 2010
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Fresh out of the oven:
...Client: Mortuary.

First of all, I'd just like to say that it wasn't an easy topic at all. While everyone else had topics like hiking boots, pharmaceutical drugs and snowboards, me and a couple other people got Mortuary =_=

In any case, enough of my ranting, more of the work. Starting off, I accidentally forgot about the whole mortuary thing and wasted valuable time thinking of random clients and making up my own ads... here's what I ended up with:

Client: u&
Dating/Matchmaking Service -madeup-

Look familiar, guys?
Client: UrbanBeat
Retail Store

Client: deadmau5

Another unfortunate fact is that I had to hand in my thumbnails to the teacher, so I don't have scans of those... Of course I have the original files of my final work, so here ya go, optimism for the dead. Liking the horizontal one more than the vertical for sure @_@

...and that ends the spammage of my stuff. 

Personally... I think my Dating/Matchmaking ad would be able to do well because for an ad to be successful, you either keep the same tagline and change the images, or you keep the image and change the tagline. For sure, I'd be able to find many various random objects that were "meant for eachother" :3 Same with the urban thing. I plan to keep the heartbeat and change the tagline, perhaps to something cheesy like "B-b-bump B-b-bump" or just simply,"Listen to the Beat" or "Follow the Beat" Anything's better than a mortuary ; __;




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