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Sep 23, 2010
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Fresh out of the oven:

If I Die Young (Cover by Sam Tsui) - The Band Perry

The lyrics are beautifully written, I love this song. Lately, it seems I've caught a cold, so perhaps I'll save that bed of roses for another time

In other news, I have something very exciting to tell you!! Either this coming long weekend(which in of itself isn't exactly that special since I have long weekends all through this semester...) or next long weekend, I will be going on a trip!! It will be a three-day trip, and the main attraction(for me) is the train that we will be travelling on there and back. The reason why this train is so special is because it has room accommodations, a restaurant inside one of the cars and hopefully I will be able to experience what it's like to be on a train like this. Here's how I envision it:
There I am, sitting comfortably in a mahogany wooden chair lined with soft cushioned seat and back support. In front of me, a nice warm cup of hot chocolate(or maybe tea...) on top of a matching wall-attached table. Beside it, an opened notebook and pen to jot down highlights of the trip. My ears are plugged into my iPod that has been filled with kballads. The clear sky is a beautiful shade of blue, and the quickly passing glimpses of hills and mountains bring feelings of reminiscence and recollection.
It's a bit of a far-off dream(and a little too big of an imagination), but with such high expectations I can only assume that it'll be just a disappointment to something I wanted to try ever since I saw a scene that took place in one of these; either some anime or drama I can't even remember it. Such a depressing outlook on things, hmm? Honestly, the fact that I'm going on a trip in the middle of college year is something where the excitement in me isn't able to hold must longer. Speaking of depression though, I have a game I want you guys all to try: Every Day the Same Dream. It will seem very simple, but all I can tell you is the think outside the box, and also, that lady you talk to in the elevator is very important in getting through the game. It's got a psychological element to it once you watch the ending, but of course I won't spoil it for you. Click "Read More" once you finish(you'll know when you "become a new man" according to elevator lady).

[edit] OMG I'm so sorry I forgot to link to the game itself xD I'm so forgetful, haha...
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Welcome back! So either you're here because you actually finished the game(In that case, good for you. You'll be able to understand my following interpretation of the ending in just a minute) or you're too lazy to play the game and just want to spoil the ending for yourself(and this is where I say "Shame on you!" You're missing out on something that is indeed a game more different than the rest) So just to recap (click here for walkthrough if there are steps you missed)... in no particular order you: 1. went to the cemetary; 2. pet the cow; 3. caught a leaf; 4. went to work nude; and finally, 5. committed suicide.

Now for my initial reaction, then interpretation. When I got to the final day, honestly I was shocked. First, every single day I went to work I had talked to the wife, and her words to hurry me to work was something I missed. When I saw that she was gone, I was starting to suspect things were going to be different, a lot more different than usual. Second, the lady was gone, it was so lonely waiting in that elevator alone. Third, I had checked that the homeless man, cow, and leaf was gone during days when I had finished them the day before so that wasn't too surprising. However, the biggest surprise was the complete emptiness of the company building. Until I read the walkthrough above(note, I finished the game before I searched for the walkthrough) I didn't know it was because the company went bankrupt. In any case, I noticed that I couldn't get into the cubicle, so I walked to where we were given the choice to jump. Watching the guy who went to go die was absolutely depressing. In my mind I was thinking "Why, why would you go through all that just to "become" a new man and watch yourself die?" I literally sat back into my chair and took a deep breath because unlike the stock market chart, life seemed to get better, well, except for the suicide part. I had looked forward to this day where I would become a "new man", and seeing that was just a complete drag, all the way down to the depths of hell.

Suggestion: At this point, if you aren't already, take a moment to click the play button above, this song matches what I am about to ponder about quite perfectly :)

Of course, it was at this point I got frustrated and wondered if I had missed a step or did something wrong. Then I landed on the walkthrough(link above). Reading that person's interpretation brought me back up a bit, and then some. He/she was right! What if you were actually watching someone else die, not you? After all, "you" all looked the same anyway. Perhaps the day you became a "new man" was to watch what could have happened, and and why you decided not to do it. That the whole point of this game was that all those things you did, those little things you did to make every single day just worth a little bit more than compared to if you just kept living the day, doing all those mundane things and working like some robot. That you are watching someone who dealt with the same mundane job, probably had the same mundane wife, who just couldn't handle it and decided to take his own life. Makes you treasure your own because thoughts like "That could have been me..." fill your mind and in the end, life seems to be a lot better than it used to, doesn't it? Maybe I'm thinking about it too much, but I do believe that if such a simple and relatively short game was able to bring this much thought into both mine and other peoples' minds then I guess this game has done the job for me. Honestly, when I first started this game, I wasn't expecting much. I had assumed this would be some boring game with no meaning(because most of the time there really isn't, not like this) I must say I was pleasantly surprised it wasn't and I'm glad I decided to continue playing this game. I need to find more games like this.

If you were able to read through all of this, bravo to you. I think it's a good glimpse of the way I think, and process of my thoughts as I progressed through this game. I'm off to go contemplate more about this game. Until next time, see ya!


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