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Sep 27, 2010
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Fresh out of the oven:
...because I'm done my homework and blogging is how I celebrate :3

For those that don't know, and/or haven't seen...
This is my new room rearrangement :3 Changed it this summer.

Next, the pic on the left is... of my non-spicy ddeokbokki!!
It was originally meant to be brought on the beach trip I went to with friends...
The pic on the right is... can you guess? xD it's of my sheep.
I was playing with my cellphone's camera settings, one of which was macro.

I don't camwhore as much as I did in the past... 
but these two were just me being bored ^ ^;;

Unless it's a legitimately something I need to record down.
Like me wearing a mask to school because of my flu. 
Going to college in a mask... sucked. Big time.

End of random cellphone picture update =D I realize this honestly brings no use or worth to my blog... but eh. I had to celebrate this in some sort of way and it's not like I actually have the time to make/record something for you guys since college still is a huge part of my life...Speaking of college, I have a WebDesign class now. If any of you are curious, click this link to check up on my webdesign status. I coded everything. Links, pages, CSS(...I KNOW RIGHT? OH MY GOD I'M SO EXCITED FOR THE CSS <3) Idk if it'll still work next year when new students come in... oh well xD Alright, see you guys later :3


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