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Dec 15, 2010
12:06 AM | 3 comments

Fresh out of the oven:

I'm going to reveal it now instead of later because I'm afraid it might be too late, and I might forget haha~

Alright, there's actually three surprises so I'll do them in order. Surprise #1 is more like Old Surprise Brought Back to Life because it happened during my first semester... which is basically, what, my first year in college? xD Anyway, so we were to do these prints in Production and out of luck, the teacher seemed to like mine (and a few of my classmates' too :D) so she framed them and put it up for all to see! :)

I'm in my third year now and it's still UP THERE!! I actually really want to take it home because I want it framed up and in my room, but oh well. At least I took a picture of it. Then I can't say it's a total loss. p.s. I actually wanna try this again; it was tons of fun!!

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Surprise #2!! isn't going to be much of an interest to you if you're not asian... in any case, just like any other culture group, Hong Kong has it's own sort of comedy type of shows, except it's in cantonese(of course.) and my parents and I were lucky enough to snatch up pretty good tickets to a stage dedicated to a show of, what most people would call the best HK comedian to ever appear and go mainstream. His name is Wong Tse Wah, and he is absolutely hilarious!! His jokes are all over the place. From current culture to ancient history that only my parents would understand, from super clean to gutter dirty that should have raised up the age requirement for his shows, this man is a must-see act if he is ever announcing to have a show where you live. He's also a part-time actor, and has been in quite a few dramas and movies. The ones he referred to during the show was about when he was hired to act out the role of China's last emperor, Po Ye and lost 40lbs in 2 weeks @_ @ My parents saw the drama series and recommend me to watch it because it is history that shouldn't go unnoticed. Anyway, the only picture I took was was the stage before my phone battery died. My camera's battery was already dead because I totally forgot to charge ANYTHING the night before "OTL

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Finally, Surprise #3. This is very recent, and in fact, it's actually a tad early. The first half of my second semester is over, so that's supposed to mean every project we have is done and handed in right? Wrong! because there's actually one more component to this final project. We are all being entered into a competition and our posters are being analyzed and scrutinized for judging. Today our class wasn't actually a class. It was a "print out our posters in large scale, hang on a presentation board then wait for judging to commence." I do believe the judging was supposed to take place tonight... or rather I think it's done o_O Anyway, there were supposed to be categories like Best in Show, Best Use of This and Best Use of That. Honestly, I'm just glad I got to see my poster printed so professionally like this :D And thus, I took a picture of it. It's blurry, I'm sorry, but you get the gist of my poster. It shouldn't be too bad ^ ^~ OH RIGHT. Forgot to mention, we each were assigned a type of restaurant to convey; mine was a nightclub/dinner restaurant. What do you think? Does it work?

Either way, I'm glad that I was lucky enough to have a chance to even take part at all. It sort of is a good way to energize me and give that little push towards the future. Is this what the result of hard work feels like? because it definitely is making me feel extra confident, and not going to to lie, I feel proud of myself too :) Let's hope this is just the start of everything getting better and straightening out in my life.

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WOO, I like the prints..xDD reminds me of grade 11 with Ms.Hattin..><..
I especially like the last two, the style is very nice. ^^ CONGRATZ LIZZZ artsy, lol..unlike UT...that have nothing but campaign posters up on the wall..=__=
By Anonymous GlassShadow, at December 16, 2010 at 3:38 PM  

ur poster is cute but idk for nightclub...but it certainly is very cute and I guess it could be for a different kinda of where everyone is in lolita dresses hehehehehe......
but wow I'm gonna search for the picture of the guy as the emperor it sounds pretty impressive!
Oh an aren't dead come on msn...
By Anonymous Anonymous, at December 19, 2010 at 1:51 PM  

Glass; I agree, this did remind me of Ms. Hattin's class xD I remember having to do 50+ prints for one to turn out well "OTL
Anon; Ah thanks for the feedback! Yeah, my classmates said the same thing. I honestly don't know how or why it got up there but oh well @_@
By Blogger pineapple bun, at December 20, 2010 at 2:58 PM  

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