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Mar 29, 2011
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Response blog post to: this article right here. So read that first :3 Then read my reply.

I'm all for education being 100% focus, but I remember reading somewhere that for most average people, education and schooling is meant to help you get ready and find out where you want to be in the future, or at least help narrow it down so you know where your skills and talents lie. However, for singers and even actors and actresses, they already know what they want to do.
Going to use a recent example here: Emma Stone(known as Olive Penderghast from the movie, Easy A. Yes, that movie again. I really like it okay =_=;;). She attended school all the way until first year of high school, then dropped out, but even by then, she had already taken part in youth theatres, regional theatres and starred in 16 stage productions as well as performing with the theatre's improv comedy troupe before she turned 15. From then on, she was homeschooled so she could audition during the day. At this point, I'm sure anyone's parents would be able to see where her future was going. Is education really important anymore?
I think it's also safe to use examples like the Olsen twins, and in fact, any celebrities who kickstarted their career when they were young. They all start off and end the same way anyway: Very persistant and focused on whatever they enjoy doing and get all the experience they need before 15(note: just a randomly chosen age, no sources) and eventually they land deals like self-owned fashion brands, tv shows, advertisements and movies.
And it's not just entertainment either. Artists, musicians, writers, designers, there are tons of examples of very famous people who started off their career at a very young age and already knew what they wanted to do. I'm not doubting the fact that education is good. It definitely is a great source of information, knowledge and overall wisdom, but I just feel that perhaps people shouldn't be limited to just marks and numbers :/
Talent should not be defined whether you can get an A in math, science, history, geography and gym. If you are born with stunning vocals, you can be absolutely horrible and plain stupid when it comes to school, but that doesn't change the fact that you were indeed born with a beautiful voice.

Not sure why I'm ranting again, but that's simply my take on things :3 One day... I may be gain more followers on this blog because of the content on this blog, but until then, see you(whoever you are) later :)

p.s. Sources used for this rant are below, as well as an article from omona about someone I admire very much, and though I don't think she dropped out of school to pursue singing, you can still tell that she was very much only focused on one thing already since a young age, and that in itself is something to admire.

Sources & Links: article wiki wiki2 omona

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