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Mar 29, 2011
10:16 PM | 0 comments

1. Had a beer.
2. Been drunk. I don't see why being a sleepy kind of drunk means I'm not actually drunk ; ___;
3. Touched a real gun.
4. Done drugs.
5. Wrote on a bathroom stall.
6. Read a George Orwell book.
7. Had sex.
8. Got into a fist fight.
9. Used Twitter.
10. Listened to Lady Gaga.
11. Been in a car accident. Not a big one of course ^^
12. Gotten suspended.
13. Gotten expelled.
14. Got a computer virus.
15. Had a hand-written diary. Not anymore. There's a reason I have an online blog now ;D
16. Been allergic to something. Used to be allergic to fur. Obviously, not anymore :3
17. Had a dog.
18. Had a cat.
19. Been pregnant.
22. Camped out.
23. Swam in the Ocean
24. Wore a bikini. Yep!! So happy, but slightly disappointed.
25. Meet someone online in person. I might, this year. Who knows.
26. Made a survey.
27. Used ICQ.
28. Failed a class for the year.
29. Repeated a grade.
30. Went to summer school.
31. Got the high honor roll.
32. Got the regular honor roll (A’s and B’s).
33. Learned to speak another language fluently. Learned? Does french count? xD
34. Read an entire book. Oh boy. I've read more than just one entire book xD
35. Recorded my own music. Not professionally, but I have on my own :3
36. Had an xBox.
37. Listened to Rammstein.
38. Wore fishnets.
39. Bought skinny jeans.
40. Been in love. I'm not so sure anymore :/
41. Hated someone.
42. Been cheated on.
43. Cheated on someone.
45. Did something sexual with someone of the same sex.
46. Practiced Christianity. ...practiced? What the hell lol It's not like we did satanic worship.
47. Worn makeup.
48. Had a cavity.
49. Had surgery.
50. Had my license.
51. Been to college.
52. Graduated high school.
53. Attempted suicide.
54. Worn colored contacts.
55. Painted my nails black. Which reminds me. I need to buy myself black nail polish.
56. Broken someone’s heart.
57. Had my heart broken.
58. Cried for an hour straight.
59. Lost something very valuable. I've lost MANY valuable things "Orz
61. Got separated from my parents as a kid.
62. Broken a bone.
63. Gotten stung by a bee.
64. Eaten something bad/expired. 
65. Threw up from being so drunk. I know someone who haasss~ ;3
66. Had to put a pet to sleep.
67. Participated in a swinger’s party. What's a swinger's party o_q
68. Owned an iPod.
69. Owned an iPhone.
70. Fell for a best friend.
71. Stole a friend’s significant other.
72. Got a computer virus. This is a repeat of #14 LOL
73. Went away from home for more than a week.
74. Moved out.
75. Ran away.
76. Teased my brother/sister.
77. Gotten into a fist fight.
78. Been to the hospital.
79. Had food poisoning.
80. Had a job.
81. Been fired
82. Lied to a friend.
83. Lied to a family member.
84. Lied to a significant other.
85. Posted a video on YouTube.
86. Started a rumor about someone.
87. Deliberately failed a test.
88. Dropped out of school.
89. Fallen down the stairs.
90. Been skinny dipping.
91. Counted to a million.
92. Counted to a thousand.
93. Ate deer meat.
94. Ate duck meat. I'm asian. BBQ Duck in a sort of crepe-type of thing is the best thing you'll ever taste.
95. Had fast food.
96. Been to church.
97. Been to a synagogue.
98. Been married.
99. Had a divorce.
100. Broken a window.

So I guess I kinda suck Px
Not a very interesting life; sad isn't it :/



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