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Mar 12, 2011
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...stop looking at me that way. You know I'd pounce if I saw this as an invite since I LOVE doing tags ^ ^ They are the best way of un-boring me :D Here we goooo~!!

blush or bronzer --- Love blush, wish I wore it more often and had more choice xD I only have one! And it actually came in one of those shadow sets so it's kinda tiny, but tiny enough for me I guess.
lip gloss or lipstick or lip moisturizer --- ...sorry, no can do. My lips are almost always dry, so lip moisturizer for me instead :3
eye liner or mascara --- Love love LOVE eyeliner. #1 product for me. Gel liner <3
foundation or concealer --- Lately, I've noticed that my skin is actually better w/o any of these, but if I had to choose, concealer.
neutral or color eye shadow --- Yaaayyyy love colour, noooo I've yet to wear any on my eyes :(
pressed or loose eye shadows --- I honestly don't know what the difference is, but I do believe my Rock&Republic pair are pressed.
brushes or sponges --- Brushes, I've realized are easier to use than the sponge tips. Plus I can't wash the sponge tips :/ Unsanitary.

OPI or china glaze --- Yaayyy I love China Glaze :3 I own one white, and plan to buy more.
Long or short or medium --- I'm not a huge fan of super long nails, I need to type and that's just plain uncomfortable. Medium, enough to do some designs with it, and not intrusive to my daily life please :)
Acrylic or natural --- Natural~ I don't enjoy the gyaru style, to be honest. Kinda cluttery :/
Brights or darks --- Brights!! It makes me feel generally happier :)
Flower or no flower --- Obviously flower. Who do you think you're asking xD

perfume or body splash or air freshener --- Air freshener, please~
lotion or body butter --- I don't actually wear lotion... I should, but I don't. Too lazy ^ ^;;
body wash or soap --- Body wash. Soap dries my skin :/
lush or other bath company --- I seriously don't know what Lush is, so > >

jeans or sweat pants --- Jeeaaannnsss~ I wear nothing but jeans. My entire wardrobe is comprised of practically jeans.
long sleeve or short --- Short sleevveeesss~ And tanks too :)
dresses or skirts --- Love. Love. LOVE skirts. They just feel so feminine and I love it.
stripes or plaid --- Stripes. They make me look a specific way and I like having that kind of control.
flip flops or sandals --- sandals. I never really wore flip flops so xD
scarves or hats --- In the winter, I'd prefer scarves but I definitely enjoy wearing summer hats. They are just so stylish to me, and super sexy ;D
studs or dangly earrings --- If I got my ears pierced I'd get studs.
necklaces or bracelets --- Necklaces. I actually own quite a few, I'll wear them during the summer ^ ^
heels or flats or wedges --- Heels make me worry I'll get stuck in a manhole and I've never owned flats.
cowboy boots or riding boots or boots in general --- Boots~!! Love boots. Classy~
jacket or hoodie --- Hoodie. I like being all gangsta and shit. No srsly, they're just comfortable to wear and move around in.
forever 21 or charlotte russe --- Don't know Charlotte Russe... can I say Anna Sui? 8D!!
abercombie or Hollister or neither
saks 5th or nordstrom or neither

curly or straight --- Grass is always greener on the other side~ I wish my hair was naturally wavy :)
bun or ponytail --- Bun. I hate when hair bothers my neck.
bobby pins or butterfly clips --- Bobby pins. They help me keep my hair in place.
hair spray or gel or neither
long or short --- Long~ elegant and feminine is what I prefer.
light or dark --- As an asian(and not a pale one, either), I feel that we rock the dark hair colours well.
side sweep bangs or full bangs --- Side swept. I've tried full out, they make my face look fat xD
up or down --- I prefer down. Why would I want long hair for no reason? Show it off ^ ^

Rain or shine --- Though I enjoy umbrellas I prefer parasols, so definitely shine for me.
Summer or winter --- Would rather strip and feel hot instead of bundle up and feel cold.
Fall or spring --- Spring~!! Aww pretty flowers and green grass just makes the day feel much better.
Chocolate or vanilla --- Vanilla is good :)
East coast or west coast --- Ontario is kinda east-y coast-y so why not xD



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