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Apr 11, 2011
3:24 PM | 2 comments

The Idiots Guide to AKB SNSD Fan Types 101
**(no akb snsd girls were harmed during the production.)**
All credit goes to Lyrad - Originally posted at noakbnolife (note: I tried my best okay e___e;;)

To quote Lyrad: "rofl i hope you guys can enjoy the humor as much as i did creating them lul. who knows, you might fall into a couple of categories ;) This could be a “omg yea sooo truee” fan hate trip or a journey towards self discovery"

1. “the old school”
>> i supported SNSD before it was cool therefore, I am.
Oh and I called first dibs on Yoona before she even debuted so I win.

2. “The one second of fame”
>> I only like girls that flash past my screen.
It takes elite skill to appreciate this art.

3. “The anti-frontgirl”
>> I hate Yoona and I dont know why.
Oh wait, now I’m supposed to hate Yuri?
Death to Black Pearls!

4. “the collector elitist”
>> Haha. *snort* Do you willingly buy every single merchandise SM Ent.
wants to shove down our throats? No? Then our conversation ends here.

5. “the pervert”
>> I’m just here for the flying skirts.

6. “the talent-centric”
>> I only like my members based on how well they
dance or sing so why should anything else matter?

7. “the theater fag”
>> See this stack of tickets?
See that name on the wall? ME > YOU

8. “the stage song over-enthusiast”
>> Hey what? No. You're, like, so shallow man,
I don't do singles. Stage songs are where it's at dude.

9. “the downloader“
>> Yeah of course I own some SNSD goods.
Hold on, let me grab my hard disk and hook it up for ya.

10. “the stalker”
>> I have never seen the girls irl before,

Click "Read More" for the rest :3 There's 36 in total~
11. “the casual of casuals”
>> Wait you mean theres more than just Yoona and that really short girl behind her?

12. “the unhappy one”
>> This isn't fair. I don't see why Hyoyeon should have any less screentime than, say, Yuri.

13. “the i hate pachinko empires”
>> death to matsui jurina!!! (note: Okay I don't know how to convert this to SNSD)

14. “the left behind”
>> Hey Lee SooMan, wtf you totally forgot about Hyoyeon while promoting her halfway!

15. “the graduater”
>> yep erena is leaving so im calling it quits too thanks. (note: this one too. It might work with Super Junior, but not SNSD :/)

16. “the 2million won worth of SNSD at home”
>> See this big brown box? Apparently its cheaper to buy Hoot! in bulk.

17. “the SNSD purist”
>> What’s this SHINee vermin doing on my single? Wtf how can this be called a SNSD single then? It just doesn’t make sense!

18. “the fickle one”
>> TaeNy is my one and only OTP! *next day* Holy crap this pairing is so adorable!! JeTi is now my new OTP!

19. “the age watcher”
>> I only like my girls below the '89 line. It doesn’t matter if they don’t look 19 they just have to be 19 and lower. Except Taeyeon.

20. “The team player”
>> how dare u defect to team k just because itano moved over! I cant believe this. I’m supporting team A all the way even if I don’t know anyone in there anymore!!! (note:... you know the drill. Some things in AKB48 just don't fit with SNSD OKAY)

21. “the senbatsu only”
>> lol Team Dragon is like the ultimate unit man. no one else matters. Even if they dance and sing better, I will ignore them because they are not senbatsu material.

22. “the they’re too famous now”
>> I’d pass up my drama with Yoona in it for that girl-with-the-really-long-legs but I’ll learn it one day.

23. “the tsunderist”
>> I like girls that constantly seem to hate me yet love me at the same time. Wait aren’t all girls… OH SHI-

24. “the masculine-like girls”
>> How can u not love them they have fabulous toned bodies… nice muscles… 6-packs, chiseled faces and their facial hair is just… wait what facial hair?!

25. “the girls under the undergirls”
>> I feel that I am a messenger of hope, and supporter of truth and justice by supporting these girls. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

26. “the SNSD owns f(x) hard but I still like Amber”
>> Hey woah, yes I was a f(x) fan but how can you still support them when they wish they could be in SNSD instead AND think they can win me over with the "tomboy" concept?!

Here are some fresh brand new fan types hot from the oven!

27. “the idol expert”
>> Haha ask me anything about SNSD! Shoot! I dare you. —> Uhh aha yeah well about that, I dont think…Hyoyeon is manly.. no... HEY thats not a question! NEXT!

28. “the screw RS.”
>> where are the girls i know and love? this ain’t akb! its bunch-of-randoms prancing around 48. i must’ve been going to the wrong theatre about 413 times now. goddamit.

29. “the RS only”
>> Why should I support girls that don't need my support anymore? I cheer for the youthful exuberance of noobs that have yet to learn the ropes; seeing them grow as idols is what makes me true SNSD fan.

30. “The b sides are better”
>> what are u guys smoking? the b sides are always better bro. ALWAYS. I hereby propose a UDG48 (undergirls)

31. “the couch potato”
>> What? You mean SNSD is actually a lot more than just the mindless crazy aesthetic shallow entertainment on my funbox? THATS NOT WHAT MY TV SAID.

32. “The DD.”
>> Ohhhh theyre all so cute and lovely i cant pick a favourite! :3 GOTTA CATCH’EM ALL! SNSD!

33. “The Fortune teller.”
>> Guys, this single is gonna flop. trust me. Guys, we’ll be lucky if this hits 50k. Guys, Taeyeon is gonna drop from the front and Seohyun is gonna take over. Guys, I'm gay.

34. “The in Self-denial.”
>> Hey I have a make-believe girlfriend already, why am I getting myself sucked into this vortex called SNSD? This just cannot happen. Man, I'm too cool. What will my friends think if they see me listening to Oh!? No I musn’t… must…. not…like….AARGHHH *OH! OH! OH! OPPAREUL SARANGHAE AH! AH! AH! AH! MANHI MANHI HAE~~~*

35. “the fickle one version 2.0″
>> i hate my ex-OTP now so badly because they betrayed me even though they don't know I exist and I feel hurt by their lack of interactions therefore the only possible way I can act is to like OTPs who are a canyon apart from them. With this, they surely will feel my non-existence and lack of fanfics.

36. “the drill sargent”
>> What do you mean you haven't watched Girls Go To School, Horror Movie Factory, Come To Play or Joy Hello Baby (god knows what else) this week? DO IT NOW MAGGOT. KEEP UP THE PACE YOU'RE FALLING BEHIND! Read all their blogs and their news next too!!

— — — — —

Holy shit this really killed me LOL Some were pretty hard to convert since AKB48 also has their other 48 group things, and the whole graduating members thing... and the whole theatre thing... yeah xD Now... what type am I? Hmm... “the talent-centric”, “the girls under the undergirls” and “The Fortune teller.” Yep. I'm not that crazy anymore. Hope you enjoyed this post!!



can't comment on this particular post. I don't listen to kpop =D

I liked your strike out post lisanne. How's your LG chocolate or whatever phone you had btw? Is it still good? Prove to me you wore a bikini :P

I watched easy a too finally. I liked it! It wasn't as funny as it would've been if I saw it in the theatre and had people around me laughing. I feel like watching a movie by yourself always "feels" different.. you know what I mean? But it was good.

I laughed very hard when you thought you were the first commenter but turns out you werent LOL. that's cute. Thanks for that super long comment btw - parking spotters DO exist. True! And ya make sure you go to that cha chan teng and eat the sandwich you will love it.
By Blogger, at April 14, 2011 at 7:51 PM  

I always go to new town plaza when I head back. It brings special memories to me too... always with family too. But I don't remember seeing an indoor skating rink, I think only the other ones have it hehe. I went back again after a while and I have to say... asians are kind of rude. I don't know if that offends you but maybe I'm too westerner in some ways. The retailers following you around non stop, the random incidents you see on the street of people arguing and what not. I dunno :S I'm still proud and had lots of fun going back but I think I'm a bit older this time and see "society" instead of just wanting to buy video games or somethin.
By Blogger, at April 14, 2011 at 7:54 PM  

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