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May 16, 2011
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Post 1: What do you like about IU? Why do you like IU?
>> I love everything about IU. Her voice, her personality, and most importantly, her outlook on life. Reading her interviews are always a joy because she's just one year younger than me and she is already wise beyond her years. Her aspirations, dreams and goals are in plain view, but the way she goes about life as a hard-working celebrity who rarely ever gets to slow down and take a break in turn inspires me to also go about life working hard and always being positive and thankful for what I have. When someone you admire ends up causing you to want to become a better person, you know you're doing something right.

Post 2: How did you find out about IU?
Post 3: What is your favorite song by IU?
Post 4: What is your favorite album of IU?
Post 5: What is your favorite music video of IU?
Post 6: What song would you like IU to cover?
Post 7: Share your favorite IU photo.
Post 8: What is your favorite hairstyle of IU? Post a picture of it.
Post 9: What are your thoughts of IU starring in Dream High?
Post 10: If you could write any message to IU, what would it be?

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