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May 5, 2011
3:41 AM | 2 comments

So, one of my good friends decided to recommend me to watch an ancient chinese drama, Palace / GONG (宫), also known as Gong Suo Xin Yu 宮鎖心玉. I'm already hyped up since my dear dear friend debriefed me about what I should take into notice, so without further ado, let's get started!!

Episode 1link to watch w/engsubs
I guess we're starting off, like most dramas, in the middle. A pretty girl named Shi Nyang is planning to take the Emporor's life (because the people standing behind him are just there for no apparent reason) for revenge purposes. There's a short fighting scene full of the flying and swooshing, you know the kind. And when the audience starts to think that it's becoming too fake and typical of a chinese drama, oh! What a twist! They're actually actors shooting a tv drama(a drama about shooting chinese tv drama, how nice~)!

A girl(...oh not again. It's those annoying high pitched voices) who seems to be a bit of a historian interrupts their filming and points out how the character is supposed to act according to history, but ends up being shoo-ed off set. As she walks off, she hears and eerie voice, and a lady tells her to leave. Mistaking her for another celebrity part of the tv drama, the girl whose name we learn is Qing Chuan
, requests to have a picture. Weirded out because the lady knows her name, she walks closer to see who this lady is. The mysterious lady turns around aand...!

Haha, it's just Qing's dream. Oh geez, now where have we seen this before? =_=;; In any case, she wakes up, realizing it's probably due to late night reading of some chinese history book/novel. Her mom proceeds to convince her to wake up and we now find out that she's being engaged to... a dude named Lin Fei Fan today. Interesting. It seems that Qing's father passed away, and due to that, FeiFan has been the guy that helped them through the crisis by taking over the family antique shop. The mother lectures Qing about how she should not back out of the engagement, while Qing doesn't seem to feel anything about the engagement and ends up caving in to her mother's request to get up and get dressed or else risk burning the chinese novel.

The mother-daughter pair meet up with the groom-to-be, as well as his mother inside their antique shop. It seems like we're dealing with a one-sided love once FeiFan's mother starts to explain to Qing about her son's level of class while Qing was forced by her own mother to follow and "show" Mrs. Lin around the store. Guess it's another of those rich guys marrying a poor girl into the family. Joy, I can only imagine the great family arguments and backstabs we'll be encountering later in this drama /sarcasm Qing becomes invested in the antique items instead, and her attention is directed from the antiques to ancient posters on the wall.

She continues to slowly walk towards the posters as FeiFan gathers people in a circle and begins his introduction of the engagement to Qing. She is dragged from her almost trance-like state and accepts the ring being slid onto her ring finger... still staring at the poster. Wait a second, did that poster just... fly off the wall? Yes, audience. Yes it did, and Qing decides to runs after it because that's obviously what you do when you are engaged in front of everybody.

She continues chasing it until finally lands on the side of a tree. The sky grows dark, and while Qing finally gets hold of it, something happens in the sky and she gets sucked into the ground. Now there's something that doesn't happen everyday.

Qing goes through this weird... future-istic kind of trip and we are brought to a beauty contest competition, and the winner announced is Miss Su Yan. This is when the sky decided to open and dropped Qing onto the stage. Obviously everyone is surprised and curious as to who this mysterious girl who dropped from the heavens is, but the judge decides to appoint her as a contestant and asks her about her best talent. The mp3 player Qing was listening to starts to play a song apparently loud enough for everyone to hear. Silenced by the beautiful music, Qing uses this moment to smack some reality into her head and so she attempts to get back home by... grabbing onto some red fabric hanging from the stage. It spins around and around and Qing gets nowhere, but the rest of the crowd seem to think she's dancing or something, and she ends up winning the beauty pagent. Haha poor SuYan~

Amidst all the celebrations, Qing manages to get in the question of what year she is in and at her request, the crowd answers together that she has fallen into the 47th year of Kang Xi's reign. I assume Kang Xi is the emporor. Realizing the immense problem she is in, Qing ends up fainting. Poor girl :(

Alrighty, that's a good 20min of the first episode. I'm going to keep watching, you guys make your decision on whether you like it or not so far, and I shall be back to give my review of the first episode :3

Baacckkk~ Haha wow, quite a few things happened, not that I'm surprised. I think it's okay so far, not enough content to help me decide whether I like it or not so I shall be watching episode 2 tomorrow, or rather, later today. Much, much later. In any case... time for ratings haha~

Acting: — Pretty believable, but missing that something special to distinguish from every single other asian drama I've seen(which is a lot).
Storyline: — I swear, if I have to see another "Oh, it was all just a dream" scene I'm going to email the script writer/director about how they need to be more creative with these things.
Music: — OP sounds nice, and the ED was like, 5 seconds, but it was nice too so music is good~
Costumes: — lmao I'm a sucker for detail(probably would have changed had I been sent some screenshots from an HD video, but w/e. It seemed fine and good enough for me.
Overall: — We'll see if this drops or rises with episode 2.

Well, until next time ~

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Awesome friend=me
Yes yes I know it said good friend but let's bring it up a notch xD
So sad you and Annie can't appreciate 4th and 8th Y_Y but it's ok, once you go further into the drama, you will like them more ^___^
By Anonymous Anonymous, at May 5, 2011 at 3:24 PM  

I like that guy that took in QingChuan as a worker and ended up falling in love with her haha the way he got mad when she rejected him was SO cute XDDD
By Blogger pineapple bun, at May 5, 2011 at 10:54 PM  

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