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Jun 12, 2011
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Melody of Angel.

The girl who graced us with her beautiful vocals on youtube and created amazing english covers of kpop songs. Perfect lyrics with a rhythm that matched the beat of the music, a voice that would make anyone question whether this was a secret leaked english release of the song.

I only wish I found out sooner.

Wherever you are, MoA, I hope you are happily enjoying life. Whatever rumours, whatever stupid excuses people make up on the internet for your disappearance, as long as you are happy and living life doing what you love, I don't mind if you leave us hanging like this. You have an amazing gift, and wherever you are in this world, I hope you are okay. Maybe we'll hear your unique voice 5 months, 10 years, or even 50 years from now, but I'll never forget that amazing voice.

The one thing that I never forget are the memories when I listen to music. The style of vocals, the flowing melody, the harmonizing background, the soft beat of the drum, the calming strum of the guitar. I'll never forget any of it, and I'll never forget you, MoA.

~ Cuz I’m just another girl
~ Who's tired of being lonely
~ I can't take it anymore, good bye
~ Cuz I’m just another girl
~ Just tired of it all

~ I just can not stay, cuz with you baby I’m so lonely

~ Baby I’m so lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely

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