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Jun 26, 2011
3:20 PM | 0 comments

Turn up the radio and let the melody move you.
Turn it off and let the silence reveal the truth:
What others say about you, know that it's not true,
Because you are better than they.

The mountains you move, they are slowly giving way,
So don't let their words drag you down, okay?
You are you, so let them be and continue.
The road ahead is not easy, you can't let yourself lose.
Weren't all your successes enough of a clue?

Few, or many, you conquered them all.
Stand up straight, don't slouch and feel tall.
We all believe in you so you will never fall.

And even if you do, you're in the perfect position,
To get back on your feet and confront the imperfection.
Face your fears and overcome the weakness.
This is an oppertunity not to be missed.


*pbun: Originally written on my cellphone sometime on June 14th of this year at Fairview Mall. Labeled as Untitled #1, concept: self-confidence. It was a spur of the moment type of thing... Didn't really plan to go anywhere with it. It's been sitting in the Notes section of my cell for a while now, hopefully you guys enjoyed reading it. Perhaps more to come if these spur of the moment things are a reoccuring kind of "thing". Until then, good night and sweet dreams~*


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