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Jul 24, 2011
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meaning "Today, it rained a lot!!" ..and thus begins my account of today's trip to Night Market.

The day began quite normally: meet-up at Spadina station, near the buses at 5:00pm. I got there exactly at 5:00 and proceeded to wait for my friend. Around 5:30, a friend of the friend I was supposed to meet approaches me, and we start to talk. You know, the usual introductions. We shall call her O for personal privacy purposes. :)

The friend I was supposed to meet arrived shortly later, name officially shortened to L. Turns out there was also one more, name shortened to P, who we were going to meet at the Night Market itself, so off we went. The bus took a long time to come, and we ended up having to wait for a while until it finally came. We wondered if something had happened because it was taking a lot longer than usual, turns out we were right. The first bus that came was towing a second one behind it. A third and fourth one that came right after, so we boarded the bus. It was rather sunny and warm once we got off at Kensington Market, and after walking for only a little bit, we spotted a group of teenagers in neon green shirts with Night Market logo on the front. Yay~ We're almost there!!

When we got to the group, they gave us a little piece of paper with a number written on it, telling us that there will be shuttle-bus to take us directly to the place where Night Market was held. While waiting, L felt that it was a good idea to go to the washroom before we get there, so we went walking for a bit to look for the closest available washroom. Unfortunately, all the restaurants that offered one refused to let her in until she ordered something, so we crossed our fingers and hoped there would be on at Night Market.

Eventually, the shuttle-bus arrived, but let me tell you, it was not a pretty sight. It was basically a beaten down red school bus. The driver was old, looked like he had a way overdue driver's license, and I could not tell whether he had drank before the trip. Unfortunately for me, I didn't realize all these potential problems until after I got into the bus, and was already half-way there. I was gripping the seat in front of me for stability and pulled my seatbelt tight. In my spot, if this guy was to get us into an accident, I guarantee you I would fly straight through the front window had I not put on my seatbelt. Pretty sure I was the only who did too. This was definitely not a fun bus to be in :(

Of course, while I was freaking out inside about how I was pretty much going to die in this ugly and horrid looking beast of a bus, it started pouring. Not just drizzle, but a full on rainstorm. And to make things worse, the stupid bus decided that he was going to stop a freakin' block away from the actual location, forcing all the riders of his bus(that'd be us) to run through the rain, with no umbrella, to Night Market. Oh haha, forgot to mention: Everyone that was already at Night Market either tried to shield the rain by crowding under the food tents, or shoving themselves into T&T. We shoved ourselves into T&T, there was no way we were walking around to see if there were any spaces under the tents for us.

Imagine this, but empty because everyone was crowding under the tents, hoping to hide from the rain.

Great. Now we're cold, drenched and hungry. O, L and I walked around hoping to wait for the rain to stop. We somehow survived on the food samples, and somehow, O remembered that there were umbrellas being sold in front of T&T. Lo and behold, she was right!! I ventured out into the rain and went looking for them and there they were. Not really sure why no one was buying one, but I decided to buy one(it was definitely worth it's money, the amount of times I used it today) and so me and L huddled under one umbrella, and O with her own umbrella, and we took advantage of how empty the walking spaces were since everyone was under a tent. We were soaked, but laughing because at least now, we didn't have to line up for food :D

The rain did eventually stop, but we had already decided what we were going to eat first: takoyaki!! Apparently there were two stalls, one had not-so-good takoyaki, and the other had really good reviews from the newspaper. I never tried the not-so-good one when they were also at the Night It Up thing last week, so I guess I was lucky that I got to eat the really good review one twice!! All three of us ended up ordering takoyaki, and of course, it was sooo good. O kept asking us to keep an eye out for roasted chestnuts(or was it walnuts?) and at the end of the day, I was so sad we didn't find it because she was so focused on hoping that Night Market had it, eventually I wanted to try it too, haha~

After that, [someone wanted something, but I forgot what...]. Once we finished that, L wanted oyster pancake. The line was pretty darn long, so we agreed that O would get this awesome indian-style egg-chicken crepe sort of thing while we waiting for the oyster pancake and so we split up. Interestingly enough, while we were waiting, I spotted a free sample tent with free samples of this new V8 drink. Usually I hate V8 just because mom drinks it like crazy because it's "oh so healthy" and "oh so good for your body" -_-;; I figured I'd give it a try anyway since it was just a small sample anyway. Wow, it was actually really good!! No aftertaste, no obvious flavour of like, carrots and veggies, it was an overall good fruity-looking drink!! Hopefully I'll remember to tell Mom so she can buy me a jug of this. She's be so happy, I can imagine the expression on her face now: 8D!! (just googled it, I think the one we tasted was V8's Splash Berry Blend. Yummy~

Anyway, O came back while we were still in line(almost there!!) for the pancake, so we chowed down on the indian-thing. It was spicy to me, but then again my tastebuds are horribly unreliable(only in terms of spicyness, I swear the V8 sample was really good!!) so I only ate a little bit here and there. L finally got her oyster pancake, so we went to the stage area where all the seats were dry now, and sat in a little circle to finish both pancakes. 2/3rds into the food, it started to pour again. Since I was no longer hungry, I held my umbrella open while they ate. At this point, it was pretty darn late into the night, so once we finished our food, we went inside T&T(while cold and drenched because the rain was pouring at an angle) to find P. P was with her older sister, older brother, and father so I guess once O told them we were going home, they came with us and we all waited at the bus stop(not the crazy shuttle-bus, thank god).

While discussing how to get home because the bus was taking so long, we shared umbrellas(L ended up buying one right after I bought mine) with the korean couple+friend and together freaked out when the cars drove into the puddles that were formed near the sidewalk and pretty much whooshed the water at our feet(if not higher than that). It was a fun moment to share, and I was able to keep my kpop-fangirl self down. I could sort of hear them guessing what nationalities we all were(this was before we saw them behind us with a jacket covering the tops of their heads and shoulders), and they guessed mine right(in a rather cute.. er.. konglish? way). I guess they were tourists since only their friend seemed to speak pretty fluent english. Eventually, P and her family decided that we should walk since waiting like this was just a waste of time, so we said goodbye to the korean friends (I took this moment to gather up all my courage to ask them if saying "kamsamnida" was the right word for thank you. Their confirmation made me so happy!! The girl said "xie xie" to back me too, ahhh she was so cute~) and started our trek. We walked for what seemed like hours(it was actually only just half an hour) before we reached a bus stop that would take us to King and St. Andrew. Got on the bus while took us straight through, and I said my goodbyes to everyone as I got off at King and was well on my way home~

Overall, even though I hated that shuttle-bus ride to death, it was a great experience! I met a lot of really awesome people, so definitely thanks to O and P for making Night Market so much fun, and of course, L, you too ;) Until I got home, I never expected this to be as much fun as it was today. To some point, I also want to thank the rain. Even though I'll probably be really sick after tonight's sleep, I don't think today's experience would be as much fun without it. I know I'm sounding rather optimistic right now considering everything that happened, but I think that without the bad things that happened, I wouldn't have been able to appreciate the good things that happened in between, before, and after.

p.s. Look, I ended up blogging about it!! Thanks for reminding me every 15min xD~



That's the spirit Sis~
I'm rooting for ya. Sometimes it's not about where your passion is, but about developing passion for what you can succeed in. Works both ways. xD
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