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Jul 15, 2011
1:27 AM | 2 comments

This is floating around tumblr now~ Been sparking quite a debate so I thought I'd just add in my two cents.

Professional opinion of got milk campaign: I think the people in charge of this are taking a very big risk. It's great publicity, but also underestimates how strong(and sometimes easily provoked) the female population can be. Two things: #1. Congrats on making it to tumblr and becoming an overall great way of making people talk. You're gonna reach 10k notes in no time. Unfortunately, #2. I think you forgot to remember the fact that females already hate PMS, so just enforcing that fact by making a parody campaign of it is like shit stirring. Not everyone can take a joke, especially when us females have already let that "woman belong in the kitchen" and "go make me a sammich" thing go. I don't remember females making it a big deal(at least not as big as this one has), but I think we're all starting to get sick and tired of these jokes thrown at us.

To the women accepting this: I'm looking at you through shifty eyes. Did your teachers not teach you to think twice before accepting things without proper thinking? Better reanalyse your priorities(not to mention self-confidence) before you whole-heartedly agree that this campaign is all fun and games. Also, let us not forget the fact that at this exact moment, women are still earning less than men just because they are women. We haven't overcome this male dominance completely(note: we're not aiming to "take over the world" either) but a balance would be nice, and this isn't exactly helping.

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I don't think it was meant to offend, but rather promote women to drink more milk. I think this ad is based on the fact that women doesn't obtain enough calcium and milk is just one of the many great ways of receiving it.

Regarding the reduce of PMS symptoms in women (I speak for myself when i say this), but i don't think women like experiencing emotional/behaviour or physical symptoms of PMS and if milk is the solution then i guess they got to the point. (although i'm skeptical of of the fact that milk can reduce those symptoms).
By Blogger Jenny Luong, at July 17, 2011 at 1:23 AM  

Nvm, are there actually solid scientific evidences that women are indeed emotionally unstable during PMS? Since I think that's the underlying message.
Sure, we might be slightly more irritable because of the physical discomfort; however, I doubt there is a significant enough hormonal fluctuation to produce noticeable mood change. I don't see the need for a campaign to target or correct this so called "issue". The message sounds almost sarcastic. Also, employing the image of a man wearing questioning expression is also not helping. If you don't want to people to feel offended, try to avoid the negative stereotypes, or else any good intention, if there is any, will be overlooked.
By Blogger GlassShadow, at July 18, 2011 at 4:13 PM  

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