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Jul 20, 2012
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This is a repost of a cyworld entry I wrote on Thursday April 5, 2012 at 8:50:00PM

Hello again! It's about time I blog in this cyworld of mine, and this time it might sound slightly ragefest-y and /ragequit so don't say I didn't warn you. The reason I decided to take this topic to cyworld is because 1. I think I already ragefested enough on twitter, to the point that I have accidentally sounded like a closeminded a-hole(get ready to reaffirm that thought), and 2. I can only say so much within a limit of 140 characters, so this definitely calls for a blog entry. Here goes.

I was scrolling down my facebook feed after my usual habit of catching up on my favourite k-dramas when a mention of something called "Adobe Muse" caught my attention. At first, I wasn't drawn towards it to much since it's Adobe. Everything they come out with is 5-star quality (imo) and I'm usually generally happy with all their products, wishing I was a billionaire so I could stay up to date with their versions instead of relying on my college student status. But I digress.

What really struck me about this "Adobe Muse" is the fact that it apparently makes web designing a whole lot easier. Ah, web design. The undeniable love of my life that I've selfishly abandoned in the past few months. This piqued my interest, and so I went to trusty Google to answer the growing amount of questions that was popping up.

Right off the bat, my eyes were drawn to the introduction title:
Muse (code name)
Design and publish HTML
websites without writing code

This can't be right... let me read this again.

"Design and publish HTML websites without writing code"
"...HTML websites without writing code" 

"...without writing code"

"What. How?!" and so I clicked on, which left me watching a video of how the program would work. The process was pretty much like a drag-and-drop process. Click a button to make new pages, drag in navigation menus that analyse how many pages you have made and automatically arrange a menu with subcategories for you. Photo galleries, video content, images, etc. You name it, there'll be a drag-and-drop option for you to have it. It was indeed an amazing thing to watch. They were right, there's absolutely no coding to be found, and every 
single drag-and-drop option had their own little window for you to edit and style it to your satisfaction. It was amazing. To the everyday, normal person who wanted to make a website, it was amazing. Everything you ever wanted in a website could be made with the click of a button, and you'll never have to worry about coding and complicated things like that. It's a freaking genius of an idea, right? Right?!

Sad to say that I did not think so. Not at all. Of course I was amazed, I just said it 3 times the paragraph above, 4 times counting just now. But for someone who knows, loves, that satisfaction from coding a website from scratch, this was an absolute disappointment. And I'm just a beginner! I haven't coded for a good 2/3rds of my life, and yet I can't explain the immense happiness I feel when I start with a blank page, and in a couple days come out of my dark corner with a site that I can be proud of because I built it. I hand-typed the code, and the result is something I can't help but feel like... like... like a mother who just watched her child learn how to walk. Or... a 
gardener who spent hours, days, months, tending her garden and seeing it finally produce plants that shower her with fresh fruits and vegetables to eat. You may feel that I'm starting to sound like I'm exaggerating things, but really, I'm not. Ask any other web designer out there, ask how they feel when they have just finished building a website for a client. It's an amazing feeling to know that you were able to create something that people can enjoy, and experience, and the knowledge that you did this all on your own is an unexplainable feeling.

Famous author Ray Bradbury once said, "You don't know what's in you until you test it." How will you be able to test your abilities of being able to create a website if all you need to do is drag-and-drop things into your site? In fact, just take a look at what tumblr has done to Photoshop. Everyone and their mother think they can just take a picture of a awe-inspiring landscape, slap some deep-sounding quote on it, and then call it a day on tumblr while they watch it get up to a thousand notes. With Muse, everyone can slap on a couple options, style it, then call themselves a web designer without needing much effort at all. Does that sound like it'll get you any satisfaction at all? I just... I don't know anymore. Just last week I was so excited reading about how easy it was to implement HTML5 and expanding my knowledge on the ever-so-awesome jQuery. But now? I guess things like HTML and CSS will become a thing of the past.

For now, Adobe Muse is still in public beta. But soon it'll officially go public, no longer in beta but now included with a designer's bi-yearly purchase of Adobe CS-whatever package. Then, in a couple of years, I'll be explaining to kids that back in my day, we used to code websites by hand. 

... *waves wooden cane* And don't forget to git off my damn grass!! Heehee :)

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