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Jul 22, 2012
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Started it a couple days ago, now I'm finished. Here are progress pics :) as well as a link to download the template so you can make your own if you want.

This is what I started with, as well as materials and things:
+ X-ACTO Gripster
+ Crayola Scissors
+ tub of quality glue from Hong Kong

Didn't really use the exact knife ~

- Head's done.
- Base of the body's done.
- Part 1 of the Hair's done.

- Added on the front and back of the left side's legs.
- As well as the front of the right side's.
- Also added on the ear.

- Added on the back right leg.

- Added on the left side's wings.

- Added on the right side's wings.

- Added on the tail
- Part 2 of the hair
- Part 1 of the stand.

Back view.

- Added on Part 2 of the stand.

Fluttershy is now complete!!

Back view of the finished product.
The end :3

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