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Jul 18, 2012
9:06 PM | 1 comments

 For the past couple months, my PC has been screwing up to no end. I couldn't keep it alive for more than a couple hours before it resulting in freezing on me, or an auto shutdown. When I got dad to check it out, it seemed that the 9GB partition disc that was meant to hold all my system restores and save points was almost full. At 8+GB, the conclusion so far was that this was the reason my PC was suffering from such a horrible problem. 
 Here's the problem: What could we do? Google told us to never touch it since it was where all the System Restore and Save Points were. Tinker with anything, and we might be permanently screwed!! It's not supposed to get so big, but what solution was there?
 As we kept trying to deal with this properly by going into the various setting control panels, the problem gradually began to get worse. The timeframe we could keep it alive went from a couple hours to a couple minutes, if we were lucky. Nothing was working, and doing anything was only making it worse. 
 Faced with this difficult situation, I decided that I might as well take this bad situation and turn it into a good one: I was going to attempt building a computer myself. I've heard of people doing this online, and their builds were (excuse my language) fucking amazing, not to mention bad ass!! Considering the fact that that if we were to bring the CPU back, it'd be the... second... third.. time? It just wasn't worth wasting the money to get it reset to factory condition and have it die. The worst part about this entire ordeal was that my main computer for the past couple years has always been my MacBook. I used my PC just for storage, gaming, and programs I needed to use that weren't compatible with a Mac. Other than that, it hadn't been used much. This frustrated me the most.

Anyways, this is where I am now regarding Project: Build A CPU. At the moment, my dad and I are figuring out what kind of preparation we need to do to get it ready for an entire CPU wipe and taking apart. Issues like whether I'll be sticking to the original Windows Vista Home Premium or upgrading to Windows 7 are definitely in consideration. 

So far, I've managed to get a program called Karen's Replicator that let you copy the entire C: drive to a portable drive/CD, but the current condition of my computer isn't able to stay alive long enough for it to do a complete copy over so idk what we're gonna do about that. I've found downloadables of systems in factory condition though, so we might not need to do that. In any case, we'll see what happens. Wish me luck!! I'm gonna be working on this with my dad, I think he's excited too. Apparently his coworker built his own too? Either way, what started as a burden and bother is quickly turning out to to be great. 

Until next time!!



LOL THAT SOUNDS PRETTY COOL! Have fun with it!! hopefully the next time I catch you posting, it's gonna be about the creation, or should I say re-birth of your PC. =D
By Blogger drknjil, at July 20, 2012 at 11:29 PM  

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