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Aug 23, 2012
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Welcome back!! Alright, so last time we were left with Eun-Oh's sudden burst of actually giving a shit when he notices Arang's hairpin was the same as his mother's, resulting in a semi-intense action sequence of him literally sweeping Arang off her feet and hoping to save her from the Underworld leader. What'll happen next? Hopefully some answers will be given/hinted in the second episode. Here we go~!!

Well right off the bat, Arang and EunOh escape successfully, leaving the Underworld leader in their dust. Surprising, since I always thought that gods were supposed to be stronger than anything else on Earth but whatever. They continue riding the horse until they slow to a stop at the river's edge.

Gorgeous backdrop, by the way. EunOh gets off the horse, yanks the hairpin out of Arang's hair and within his reminiscing, we find out that the hairpin was actually a gift from him to his mother. Back to reality, he questions the depressed-looking Arang. Where did she get it? Though he doesn't believe her when she says it was hers, she tries to reason with him, saying she had it on since she died. "Maybe she met my mother..." thinks EunOh. "But how is that possible when she has no memory of it?" Arang thanks him for saving her, and begins to leave. Not able to let the girl that somehow has his mother's hairpin go, he reluctantly agrees to help her find her name. Arang is, of course, ecstatic about this turn of events, even affirming with herself that she's a great judge of character. They hop onto the horse again and ride it back to town.

The Underworld leader guy (and the parts I skipped last time. Oops!) returns to heaven, reporting back to the "Heavenly Emperor." The Underworld King also enters the scene and asks whether Arang was caught, dissatisfied with the Underworld leader's empty hands. With an all-knowing attitude, the Emperor shrugs it off, saying that eventually fate will bring her to him. Something about planted seeds of fate and flowers that need time to bloom.

Back on earth, EunOh finds his lackey, DolSoe and officially announces that he's going to go accept the position of Magistrate. DolSoe knows that originally, EunOh despised the idea of even being Magistrate, so hearing this he questions EunOh's mentality before running off to the 3 court officials and angrily questioning them about what they did to make EunOh change his mind so quickly. EunOh catches up to DolSoe, ordering him to let them go.

With DolSoe out of the way, the court officials have a little gathering about this predicament. Perhaps it isn't a bad idea that he's not dead due to the ghost. Considering that EunOh changed his mind so quickly makes him perfect puppet material, so as long as he remains this easy to control they send someone to report to the High Official who is enraged that they dare make such important decisions without consoling him. The even bigger problem lies within the fact that EunOh is actually the son of the man who had kicked said High Official out of office and forced him to return to his hometown. He decides to wait to see what becomes of this situation before making anymore judgments.

Meanwhile, EunOh is trying to draw a portrait of Arang, hoping that maybe a picture of her face will help him spread the word that he is trying to find connections that lead to him finding her name. However... let's just say he's not that great at drawing, so he questions her more thoroughly hoping to get some more information to help find her name. Finally, Arang announces that there are two things that she knows: First, she knows that she's been a memoryless, wandering ghost for 3 years. Second, her left side sometimes hurts as if she's been stabbed. 

With the potential of the "stabbing pain" as a possible clue, EunOh orders the 3 court officials to find him any and all books regarding crimes that have taken place within town. With only three books being brought to his table, he shoos the officials away and begins going through them. Interestingly enough, they all have to do with passion this, and passion that. He scoffs at the lame stories but continues flipping through the pages, diligently reading through each one and hoping that one of them will match Arang's two facts.

Day turns into night, and with no results from the books, EunOh takes a stroll around town. He encounters a building that seems to be empty, even though the inside is well lit. He takes a look around, casually checking if anyone is around before leaping over the wall and entering the mysterious building.

In the meantime, Arang sees a group of ghosts discussing something about "Gosoorae" and it turns out that the house they are facing is about to have an ancestral rite. We are informed that this "Gosoorae" that is put out during ancestral rites is an important item for Arang to have because for ghosts, when you have no relatives or family members that put out food for you, only this can fill you up. Everything else is as if you weren't eating at all.

Arang gets ready to make a dash for the "Gosoorae" along with the rest of the ghosts. They push and shove, but finally the doors open. An old lady comes out with a bowl in her hand, and she sets it down beside a pillar supporting her house. She steps back and in and the moment the doors close, it's mayhem. Ghosts and legs and arms are flying everywhere. The bowl is being tossed back and forth like it's football until Arang misses the bowl that was only a few millimetres away from her grasp and another ghost grabs the bowl and dashes off into the night. The other ghosts scold her, saying it's her fault that they couldn't get a hold of the "Gosoorae" before reluctantly leaving.

Meanwhile, EunOh is still in the mysterious building before he is interrupted by an old lady who seems to be the maid of the lady who used to live in that building. Turns out that this lady has been missing for 3 years. She was the daughter of the previous Magistrate, but just all of a sudden disappeared. The maid leaves, and EunOh walks back and forth, visibly angry due to Arang's disappearance (what a coincidence lol).

He gets Arang to visit the building, explaining the story to her. She notices an unfinished embroidered butterfly and takes out her own butterfly embroidery. It's a match!! With this turn of events, EunOh anxiously asks Arang whether she remembers anything. Unfortunately, she doesn't. EunOh decides to question the court officials about the matter and they learn that she didn't disappear; she had run away. Originally engaged to someone, the lady ended up running away with an errand boy instead.

With this new piece of the puzzle, Arang decides that they should go meet the person who was engaged to her. EunOh refuses, saying that he had to already go through all this trouble just to find her name. Surprisingly, Arang pauses before agreeing that that was the deal they agreed on, so she thanks EunOh for helping her find her name before slowly leaving, saying she'll remember this and will repay him back whenever he needs it. Again with the hesitation, EunOh caves in and agrees to help Arang by visiting the man she was once engaged to.

EunOh gets the location of the guy from the court officials and they approach the side wall around his living area. His back is facing them, but Arang manages to get a glimpse of him. Suddenly, her chest starts to hurt (...well, that's definitely an indication of getting closer to Arang's story then lol), and EunOh waves it away, not able to understand why she's being so difficult. He drags her to the door so they can talk to him, but is stopped by Arang's hand covering his mouth and dragging him away. However, we are reminded that Arang is a ghost so we are given a preview of what EunOh looks like being "dragged away" by air. Poor guy, the women walking by were giving him such wierd looks hahaha~

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