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Aug 16, 2012
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It's out!! It's FINALLY OOUUUTTT!!! Y'all have no idea how excited I am right now. Heck, I was so excited last night at 2:30am when I checked viki and Arang was finally 90+% subbed but then I knew Mom would murder me if I woke up at 2:30pm again. Also, she said she'd refuse to make/buy me lunch when she goes out grocery shopping every morning so... :'( My stomach urged me to sleep and GUESS WHAT TIME I WOKE UP: 10 freakin' 30 pm.  HELLO LUNCH. Anyway, I'm off to watch Ep 1. brb with the commentary.

Okay, so I just finished watching Episode 1 of Arang and the Magistrate. Well, most of it. A portion of the last bit was unfortunately not subbed so I had to guess my way through that. Still, it was just near the end so I was able to use what I learned prior to that and fill in the blanks.

First, Arang!! a.k.a. Shin Minah~ Easily one of my favourite actresses since My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox. Her ghost persona is adorable, yet feisty. I gladly enjoyed watching her take control of the situation instead of putting on the "Oh woe is me, I need someone to help me find my name." facade. Examples include giving the ghost leader a piece of her mind when he and his gang decide to ditch her to ambush a caravan, and taking responsibility when she approaches a shaman to help her steal some human world things and ends up almost getting caught.
Her adorable-ness shined the moment she felt it was necessary to descend upside-down to approach a tied up Eun-Oh(will talk about him in a bit). Not only that, she tried taking herbs that would let her appear in front of human's eyes, but her predicaments when trying to approach the other magistrates were literally making me LOL!! First guy? She was too frightening. Second guy, only her upper half appeared. The situation reversed for the third guy: only her bottom half appeared!! This is what I'd call a knee-slapping comedy. I was literally slapping my knees while watching this.

Next up is Eun-Oh, a.k.a. Lee JunKi. This is his first drama since coming back from the army, and it doesn't feel like he'll be missing any of the action (or possible awards) any time soon. His character is your typical "I'm better off than you" kind of elitist attitude, but whenever his mother is mentioned, the image fades and you see him for who he truly is: a boy who is just trying to find his disappearing mother so he can reconcile and apologize for the horrible things he said to her during an argument before leaving in a fit of anger. The thing about Eun-Oh though, is that he can see ghosts.
Now, in the beginning it was explicitly clear that ghosts can see humans, but humans couldn't see ghosts. That makes Eun-Oh a special case, and the beginnings of a mystery: How come Eun-Oh can see ghosts, while no one else (except for maybe the shamans) can? Anyhow, his "ability" begins to become annoying when ghosts realize he can see them and ask him for help. Kind of like the anime Natsume Yuujinchou (which I highly recommend!!), if you've ever seen it. Ghosts like... oh I don't know. Arang? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
His first encounter with Arang happens when she walks right into a cabin Eun-Oh and his buddy have occupied to take shelter from the rain while on a trip back to his mother's hometown. He pretends he can't see her, and she proceeds to tell him her current situation like he's some kind of psychologist. He claims she probably was mute when she was alive and assumes that's the only reason why she's so talkative. All this, only as thoughts in his mind. Poor guy hahaha!
The moment his road and Arang's road finally crossed was when Arang figured out that he actually could, not just see her, but touch her too! Taking advantage of the chance, she quickly asks him to help her find out her name. He, of course, refuses with the "I have better things to do, why should I help a ghost?" speech. Why must you be so mean, huh Eun-Oh? Huh?! Playing along with his snarky attitude, Arang manages to get him to agree under one condition:
YOU GO GIRL!! Straight from his own mouth, and in english subtitled-able quotes. Boy, you better get ready because Arang has a special trick up her sleeve. Remember that shaman I mentioned? The one who she asked to help her steal some human world things? The reason Arang went to her in the first place was to ask her to approach the current court officials and announce that there was a man avaliable to fill the currently-empty Magistrate position. Besides, they all end up dying (or should I say suffering a heartattack due to half of her appearing of course.) so why not, right?
Long story short, they tie him up, and place him in the Magistrate office, all sacrifice-looking and what not, ready for the "ghost" to do whatever it does that ends up with him dead. Surprise, Eun-Oh. You're a Magistrate now! Arang appears, unties him and waits for him to agree to help her find her name. JUST LIKE HE PROMISED. RIGHT? RIGHT?! *sigh* See, here's the thing about these stubborn egotistical types... when things don't go as they planned, the method is to deny it. Deny everything to hell and back. Literally. Probably shouldn't have untied him either. That was a bad idea.
Well poor Arang, she walks off; disappointed and angry. And Eun-Oh? He walks out the next morning, surprising the court officials like they've just seen a ghost and begins to walk home leaving them cowering on the ground all apologetic-like. Meanwhile, Arang is busy helping the shaman, yes her again, get out of being caught stealing various items (for Arang no less, so at least someone around here is responsible *ahem*) and fights off the police officials. The unfortunate thing about being a ghost though, is that you're not supposed to openly interact with humans. 
So four men in black (hahaha men in black hahaha) from the Underworld come flying in, and split up to find their target. Arang. Run, girl! RUN!! (props to those who recognized the Forrest Gump reference) The shaman gets away, and Arang escapes to the forest, passing Eun-Oh's stroll home on the way. He sees her, and catches a glimpse of her hairclip: it's his mother's!! Oh, now you're all concerned dude? Now?! He grabs a horse from a nearby barn and follows Arang and the Underworld guy. He rides the horse faster, passing the Underworld guy, and with one arm, swoops Arang onto his horse... as they ride off into the sunset. HA. Fooled ya. The episode ends with her on his horse. Tadah!
Final thoughts: 
Eh, pacing was okay. But the adrenaline was lacking. I only found out later that Arang and the Magistrate is meant to be a comedy, so I guess I expected a little too much right from the beginning. Loving Arang and Eun-Oh's interactions, and I actually skipped commenting about a part of the episode when God of the Underworld and God of Heaven are playing... is that Go? Anyway, I only realized after reading dramabeans that there was quite a bit of predictions happening so that actually fulfilled a bit of the depth I wasn't supposed to look for in a comedy drama. 
Also, apparently this drama will be airing 2 days each week, so Episode 2 is already out and being subtitled. I think I will probably shorten the commentary (at least to half of this length, or even less) because this was just too much work for one episode. I spent a total of... what, ~3 full hours, screencapping and typing this up? I'm better off saving it for blogging CNE with a friend on Friday, and Cards Against Humanity plus Younha's concert on Saturday so get ready for that.

I'll be back with a much MUCH shorter commentary for Episode 2, so make sure you come back for that ^^ Until then, see ya later!!

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