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Aug 3, 2012
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Outfit Of The Day

All photos edited and framed with's built-in image editor.

It's been a while since I've updated with material items since I typically don't feel like it's worth it with like, 1-3 items. This time, I've got a total of... 7. That's enough for a haul imo. Anyway, let's start with makeup. Yesterday, I suddenly felt the urge to go attempt putting on false eyelashes again so I did. I've got all the things I need so why not, right?

First off, close up detail shots. As you can see, the key point of these lashes is that they go from small > medium > long in terms of length, but in terms of distance, they are pretty spaced out and give off a layering effect. These are the same lashes Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (the Pon Pon Pon girl) used, but my plan is to use these lashes for cosplaying sake only. They are rather uncomfortable, though that may because this is my first time putting them on successfully.

Products Used:
• Chanel Paris: Stylo Yeux Waterproof (Long-Lasting Eyeliner) in 10 Black
• Duo Eyelash Adhesive: Waterproof in Clear-White
• Eyemazing No. 001

I also went a little crazy and took a silly picture with them on ;P

Next, is the YesStyle haul. This is the list of items I ordered:

When they arrived, I quickly tried out all the clothing items so I could return the ones that didn't fit back as fast as I could. Lo and behold I was right. Inset Skirt Leggings were too tight on me, and same with the Elbow-Sleeve Open-Front Cropped Cardigan. They were both too small for me, so I packed them back up and shipped it off.

Now for the rest of the items... hehehehehehehehehe... maybe you can decide for yourself whether it was worth the money I paid for them ;) PIC SPAM TIME!!

Bag Organizer
Fits perfectly in my bag, and I'm so glad that now I won't
have to deal with having to dig through it just to find something
that I need. This makes things so much easier, and mom has
already noticed how much faster it takes me to take out my
wallet. I've wanted a bag organizer for a while now, so I'm glad
I got one that fits ^^ I wouldn't ask for anything more now that
my current bag makes me so happy. Also lifts off some of the
regret I had back in HK because it cost so damn much ;____;

Drawing Eye Brow in #3 Brown
A little too light for my brows, but after one swipe of black
eyeshadow, it's perfect. Plus the brush is really helpful P:

Striped 2-Way Skirt
As seen in my OOTD picture above. Very comfortable, and
thank goodness, not too short. In fact, it's got a very great
length in comparison with my body size. Love it!!

Star Pocket Watch
Smaller than I expected, a lot smaller. No bigger than a toonie,
but the size does not take away from the beautiful engravings
in the front and the back as well. The chain it came with is
very long, and I love that I can carry this everywhere with me
since this chain is really that long. No regrets at all.

Biscuit Mirror
Bought it because the mirror I had was way too heavy. I'm
dead serious. It weighed a lot more than I expected a simple
mirror to weigh. Plus there was no comb or anything. The
one reason I bought this was because of the comb. Though
it's not the "magical sword" my friends love to play with,
I am open to anything that will contribute to helping my
bag not feel so darn heavy. This is one of them.

Alrighty, now on to Today's Purchases. Mom and I shopped at Forever 21, Urban Planet, and Aeropostale. This is what we got:

Shorty Shorts. Because I felt like it.

Forever 21
I'm beginning to really like polka dots, so this was a must buy.
Doesn't it remind you of Minnie Mouse? Such a cute colour!!

Forever 21
Mom's recommendation. Also, bows. I like bows.

I think that's it for my haul. Phew, it sure was a bit of work taking all the photos (with my cellphone, what else?) and then uploading them, then editing them specifically in cyworld's editing program. Then actually writing this post and sourcing everything. My goodness, who would have thought that slapping a couple photos together, and writing up my thoughts would take this long? Ah well, I don't really care since atm I'm wearing the Shorty Shorts, and the shirt with a lot of bows on it. It makes me feel pretty while doing stuff :D

I guess that's it then. 

Hmm... how should I end this?

I'll leave you with this:

Have a good day!!

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