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Aug 31, 2012
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tl;dr up until the actual cooking: Woke up at 9am, figured that I felt too lazy to go out shopping with mom so I stayed home. Ended up watching cooking videos. Remembered that mom and I bought a batch of strawberries yesterday, and so I landed on this lady's cooking channel and decided to try making the Strawberry Shortcake since I also conveniently had all the ingredients I needed (or so I thought.)

Pictures after the cut.

Day 1. Cake Base.

Day 2. Syrup & Whipped Cream.
Sadly, no luck in this step. I made the syrup correctly, and promptly sweeped it on the cake bases. However, I didn't realize there were different percentages of butterfat in Cream so Mom bought the wrong kind (18% is only for coffee and other beverages. If you want whipped cream, it should be at least 30%+ of butterfat content). I have proof that I actually started though :)

Just the problem was that there was no whipped cream to finish the darn cake. Tomorrow, hopefully things work out >_<;;

Day 3. Let's Do This ALL OVER AGAIN.
No, seriously. That's what Mom said when she came back from shopping with the correct size pan, and the right kind of cream. So... that's what I did. But I didn't get to take progress pictures :( Just the final pictures; but those are the ones that matter the most anyway, right?

tbh, I was surprised how well I spread the whipped cream on the cake.

until I decided to ruin it with blue icing. fml and my "poor life choices" xD

Well, I guess that's it then. What an interesting couple of days... honestly, I never expected the process to take this long. In fact I was all,"Oh, this'll only take half of a day. Might as well try it." and then a couple days pass and I'm like,"...-starting to get impatient- I want to eat!!"

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