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Aug 10, 2012
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We all collect things. Whether it be music albums, movie blu-rays, and/or figures, we all have something which we deem necessary to own and thus go out of our way to get it. Have you ever thought about the reason you bought it? The hype, the content, and the rarity of whatever it is aside, what is the meaning of this particular object in relation to you as a person?

I was discussing with a friend on twitter about the kpop merch we own, and while having the casual conversation, I found myself explaining that the things we buy, are "essentially materialistic memories." That made me pause what I was doing for a little bit.

"Essentially materialistic memories."

It never occurred to me that there would be a day when whatever it is we really enjoy will someday fade away. Well, no. I knew, but it seemed so far away in the future that I never felt it was necessary to face until that one moment of realization. Just think, it's inevitable that the interest will eventually die down. We become distracted by other higher prioritized things and ultimately, what used to make us the happiest person on earth no longer has the same effect on us. Time goes by. The clock continues to tick, tick, tick.

What becomes of the things you've collected over the years?

Days turn into weeks. Weeks turn into months. Months turn into years, and in the blink of an eye, 10 years have passed and you're a completely different person. Different interests, different priorities, and different goals. What would become of those things you cared so much about, and held so close to your heart 10 years ago?

For some people, they are stored away in boxes, collecting dust as they slowly drift out of life as quickly as they had previously drifted in. While others feel it has become useless to them and decide to sell it/give it away so others can enjoy this collection. What would go through our minds as we went through said items one by one? I feel that though we do not plan for this to happen, the things we surround ourselves with become like a mini-time machine.

At first, it means more to you than anything else. This object that you hold in your hand is something of worth. You worked hard to earn it, and now the efforts of your hard work is now in your possession. Would it continue meaning so much 10 years later? I feel that though this thought process may or may not have gone through our mind, it's worth a mention.

There's worth in our possessions, but their true worth aren't revealed until years later. Like wine that gets better as it ages, the memories connected to those items get better and stronger as time goes by. So, the next time someone says that your collection is useless, and have no worth in the real world, remember to tell them that their worth lies not in the object itself, but rather in the memories that connect them to us.



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