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Nov 25, 2012
6:24 PM | 0 comments

It finally happened.
At 21 years of age, I finally got my first smartphone!! And, as they say, "Either go big or go home." So this blog post is to announce that I am now the official owner of a Samsung Galaxy S3. Just got it yesterday, and aside from some beginner noob complications here and there, it's been pretty smooth sailing.
I definitely am glad that there's an option to turn off autocorrect, so I won't be making any accidental spelling mistakes anytime soon. Yep, you heard it here first. If you see any spelling mistakes from here on out, it's entirely my fault plus not getting used to the keyboard yet. At this point though, I'm using the vertical qwerty keyboard (which feels like typing on a buttonless blackberry) just because I think I'm beginning to dislike rotating this phone. It's bothersome and you can't hold the vertical/horizontal position. I hate to admit it, but there are bits about my old LG BL40 that I am now thankful for. I doubt that I'd like it any better with the iPhone 5 though. Feels good in your hands,but man is it thin. Oh well. As the owner of both a MacBook and a iPod Nano, I'd like to explore both avaliable options anyways, thank you very much :)
I'll end off my little update here and hopefully check back in a week or two when I'm more accustomed to the size and major changes with this phone. ttyl~♡



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