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Apr 10, 2013
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So this happened, and it has been spreading like wildfire on tumblr. Now, instead of boringly going through them one by one, here's a game I suggest for you to try:

1. Go to a random number generator and generate a number from 1 - 80.
2. Click the link below and play the sim game corresponding to the number.

Optional: If you're really bored, repeat this over and over until you've played them all :)


From here on out there will be spoilers as I will be posting my reviews/experiences with each sim game I play, in the order I play them. You have been warned.

[ Updated on: May 29, 2013 @6:41pm with #89 ]

#42. Jurassic Heart - you can play directly
This game was the one that I saw on tumblr first before being led to the rest of the list. What attracted me to this was the screenshots that showed Taira-kun blushing. That's not an image you come across often, so I was hooked. — After playing the game, I ended up choosing the best ending because I was able to get Taira to confess the real reason why he gets nervous when performing with his ukelele. Such an adorable reason: his hands were too short xD Reminds me of this hahahaha

The second sim game I played was...

#12. MY DATING SIM.ppt - you will need to download
First of all, I had no idea you could make a dating sim with powerpoint so this was a shoo-in to be the next game I try. Hell, I had no idea you could make a sim with ANY of the Microsoft Office tools but boy did this game change my perspective on uses of "office" applications. I think what I found most amazing was the moment we were given options to choose. It was the equivalent of a Choose Your Own Adventure and I enjoyed the experience a lot more than I thought I would. For me, I went to lunch with Stan, and to the festival with Marlene. I can't wait to play this again and try the other two choices. A+++ because omg you feel the same feels like any other sim game; this one just happens to use Powerpoint as its platform.

Alright, time to hand the powers of choice over to the random number generator...

#38. Meow: Meow Mao MMeow - you can play directly
Puuurrr Meow Meow mao Mao Mao Meow M-Meow mew Puuurrr meow Mao M-Meow meow Mew. Puuurrr meow mew meow Puuurrr mew M-Meow mao meow meow!?!??~ :3
Meow meow: 5


um. what did I just go through  The graphics were unique; I loved that they remind me of Minecraft. However, I must admit that I had no idea what I was doing. How can you when the choices you are given consist of:
1) Puuurrr Meow Meow.
2) meow meow meow!?!??~ :3 and
3) mew mew M-Meow M-Meow M-Meow.

Maybe I should be a cat to be able to understand this game haha...ha... meow

#25. White City Dating Sim - you will need to download
...oh my god. I thought Jurassic Heart was already thinking out of the box but I'm beginning to see a connection as I go through this list. If you must know, I agreed to date the iPhone (1/4 endings) and ended up losing my soul to the net. That kind of has happened already, but y'know. Whatever works lol As I was playing, there was a hint of a dark undertone to it. It seemed that every "date-able" option were objects. Recycling bins, for instance. I had no idea how to feel when they told me that "rejecting" their offer hurt them a little. What do recycling bins even look like when they feel hurt?! Aigoo...

#10. Dating Sickness - you can play directly
Ah... I'm not sure what I was expecting but this was a tad bit disappointing compared to the previous ones. Since it was a short game, I tried playing to see if there was a better ending but eventually they all lead to "All I am in a burden."; a depressive feeling. I'm not sure why the maker felt that was a good was to end it, but I definitely don't recommend anyone who is particularily suicidal to play this. Then again, I have to say the same thing I said in the beginning: I'm not sure what I was expecting.

#16. Digital Love - download
Just pretend this horrible excuse of a game doesn't exist.

#68. Make Me Cry - play directly
Pretend this one doesn't either.

#23. Riflebird Game - need to download a plug-in to play directly
Didn't bother downloading the plug-in, so I haven't played it yet. If you are willing to, tell me how it goes in the comments ^ ^!

#36. Cuddlefish - play directly
Hahaha give this one a try. You'll feel a little backed into the corner but do give it a go. It was an interesting experience, and now I know how cuddlefish mate :) So funny hahaha!

#89. Notice Me Senpai - download
I wonder if senpai notices me... Depending on when you choose to notice him, either your body is not ready, you're too late, or he actually does. I got that he does the first time. Yay! It's a pretty simple game, but I think it gets that cute feeling through for sure. After all, who doesn't feel their heart go doki-doki xD

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