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Jan 12, 2014
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To start off, I knew about this website for a while now because by the time I saw the video that started it all, I went and googled up the lady who starred in the video and read her blog on how she went about it. I didn't bother wanting to start it yet because back then I didn't have any goals I was actively aiming to pursue. Boohoo shame on me, I know. Now, however, things are different.

A couple days after the New Year rolled in, I was mapping out my Chronodex for the new year and decided that it was necessary to physically write down goals I kept wanting to focus the years before but never really finalized or specified them on paper.


This is where Give It 100 comes into play. Along with other methods I'm taking into consideration.

Two of my many goals are learning languages, specifically Chinese(Cantonese), and Korean. I'd say Japanese but honestly I think I've grown out of it at the moment. There are other goals I'm also focusing on (using to track those), but for this website, I'll start with those.

As a Chinese person, I feel horrible that I dropped out of Chinese school when I was super young because the realization has hit me for a while now that if I want to dare and dream to one day move to Hong Kong and pursue my dream of becoming a graphic designer there, I really need to be able to at least know survival Traditional Chinese. I am pretty confident that my Cantonese is pretty fluent, so hopefully that'll kick in soon. I know more advanced-ish Cantonese in concept but not in writing so let's hope I can somehow reach a level where I can write what I say.

Next, is Korean. I've been in the Kpop fandom since 2009. That's 4 full years of exposure to Korean culture; I think it's self-explanatory that this would be a second language to learn for me. 

Hoping to see some real results after the 100 days, wish me luck!!

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