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Jul 1, 2014
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...which I admit is pretty much just me stating the obvious because I'm sure we've all read countless articles about how everyone can't get their heads out of the seemingly endless world that resides in our handy dandy smartphone. However, what I liked about this article was the fact that the guy actually decided to get up and do something about it: he built an app that monitored the time spent on a phone, would notify you about how long you've been on it, and if you've been on there for too long.

For those who don't feel like reading, basically the author (also the app developer) noticed that after he had moved in with his high school sweetheart, they ended up retreating into their mobile devices. While physically spending time together by being in the same room, they were psychologically separated by having their attention focused on various social media outlets instead of eachother. He realized that he was becoming seriously addicted, and decided one day that he was going to use his skills to do something about it. Thus, he created "Moment." (iOS only, no Android support yet!)



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