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Dec 3, 2014
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As promised, I'm going to start doing reviews of products I receive as an excuse to blog more. Starting with...

That's right, if you have been following my instagram or twitter, you'll know that lately I have been indulging and purchasing various Memeboxes. The most recent, being the collaboration between Pony and Memebox which resulted in a gorgeous eyeshadow palette that I bought and swatched in the picture below.

The palette measures to be 14.6mm X 7mm X 1.2mm and contains a total of 8 eyeshadow shades along with two dual-ended applicators. The shadows are creamy and smooth. The Glam Espresso and Glam Cocoa are especially pigmented with just one swatch. I was also pleasantly surprised that Easy Shadow matches my skintone exactly. That is quite rare for me, and I am thankful to have purchased this palette. I also found that the fact that each end of the applicator was a different brush or tip to be very convenient. The brush tips especially; I prefer them over foam tips any day.

However, this review wouldn't be a very good one if I didn't take it for a test run so this past weekend I had two events: Saturday was the day that I was going to take my drivers' writing test and Sunday I was going out with the boyfriend so I could have some professional profile shots taken on the UofT campus for social media sites and things like that, so here are some shots from those events where the Pony Memebox went into real-life application: photo shoot for professional profile pics (Linked In, portfolio site, etc.)

Hilariously, the Boyfriend thought it would be a good idea to film me while I did so. "An hour." I told him. That's how long it takes me to put on makeup. His phone lasted for a good 2/3rd of the process, but I refuse to look at it. Too embarassing :S At least it made for pretty awesome shots like the one above. I quite like how they came out, my awkward makeup faces aside >__>...

When it came to the discussion of location, we both decided that UofT would be a good place to take photos so all the photos we took were either "Hey there's good lighting here!" from me, or "This background has potential." from him. I've always been awkward in front of the camera, but I'm thankful that the BF was, in his special way, able to make me smile. With my teeth showing, no less! Good job, hun!

By the time we got home, I was exhausted. Promptly collapsed on the bed if I could. But alas, the work never really ends because now there were a batch of photos to be photo-edited. Oh well...

Until next time, readers!

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