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Dec 22, 2014
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Today started off like any other day with the boyfriend. We started off with a nice, brisk walk on Bay St., on our way to Red Lobster for glorious linguinis.

I learned about 烏煙障氣 (wu yin cheung hei), 揀飲擇食 (gan yam chak sik), and how important patterns are when trying to understand Chinese idioms. In those two examples, the first and third letter share a similar connection, while the second and fourth letter share another. This is how you figure out the meaning of Chinese sayings if you happen to understand some of it, but not all.

In the same mall, we also checked out out other stores. Muji was hella crowded (and probably will continue to be until the hype dies down) so we escaped to Mind Games that had "tons of fun shit" like yoyos, rubiks cubes, and board games. The lady who had offered to help was very nice, and wasn't overbearing like most shop people.

Next, we checked out Umbra since boyfriend wanted to prepare a present for when we go eat Christmas dinner with the parents at some point. This was his first time going, and my second time there.

On our way there, we stopped near Parliament Hill and watched people skate around on the outdoor rink. It was an interesting talk that consisted of me trying to convince him to that I'm willing to teach him how to skate if he's willing to to actually get on the ice with me. It didn't work... yet  >__>

Alright, so Umbra. There were two floors. The top floor seemed to deal more with household furniture and accessories, while the main floor focused more on decoration and cute humanized gadgets. One of the ladies who worked there was kind enough to show us this pair of humanized salt and pepper shakers. Their hands were magnetized so you could drag them across the table and they'd stay together. They were absolutely adorable!

Me, first visit at Umbra 2 years ago. Photo Credits: Linh L.

As we kept looking around, our eyes centered on a picture frame that had a more rustic feel to it. It was basically a straw-twine sort of string that included wooden clothespins to clip photos and hang on the twine.
A second option came into focus when we saw a picture frame that was designed in a way that the attachment to the wall would be fixed to the wall while the angle of the picture could be twisted and turned to the owner's liking. It was a very flexible design choice, and ultimately was what won us over. We picked up the box and were on our way to make our purchase. A different lady who also happened to work there helped giftwrap the present, and we went on our way back home.

Taking some time for a break, the boyfriend and I sat around discussing what to eat. We remembered that today was the last day of the Toronto Christmas Festival, and decided to go.

There. were. so. many. people. there. It was an absolute pain to get anywhere. This was also boyfriend's first visit to the Distillery District and I'm pretty sure I made my point when I kept telling him that I swear, Distillery District is a very relaxing place to go... when there aren't THIS many people there.

The size of the Christmas tree was definitely a surprise because it certainly didn't LOOK that big in pictures, but I'm telling you right now: This thing was huge. At least three times the height and radius of a normal Christmas tree. Pictures don't do this thing justice.

One thing that struck us as unique were these decorations:

This picture isn't rotated... are those upside down christmas trees?! What a... unique way of displaying those short unwanted trees.

The whole market, other than the regular stores and restaurants, was full of either food or ornaments which were not terribly interesting to us. We decided to leave the crowded place and head off to dinner.

We went to Sakura Sushi on Bloor. Other than an all-you-can-eat option, the thing on the restaurant's window that have always caught mine and the boyfriend's eyes was a poster about fresh raw oysters. We finally decided to check it out. Apparently if you opted for AYCE, there is only a limited amount of oysters you can order, so we opted for the regular menu. We got a dozen oysters, with another set of rolls for me and a dinner bento for the boyfriend.

The oysters were abso-fuck-alutely glorious, and this shouldn't be news to those of you who enjoy oysters XD The rolls I got were called Monster rolls with fried squid, cheese, mayo, avocado, tobiko, topped with bonito flakes. It was one of the best rolls I've ever had.

After that, it seemed like the rolls and the oysters weren't quite enough to fill my stomach, just as the boyfriend thought at first, so we went to a nearby Menchies for dessert. When we got there we were surprised how packed the place were. It was about a few degrees below zeros out there, and there still so many people who enjoy cold desserts. We went for Red Velvet, Green Apple Sorbet, and the fail-safe Chocolate+Vanilla mix.

As you can sort of see on the table, Menchies now sells self-served popcorn. The way it works is similar to their froyo. You first scoop up some popcorn, add toppings, and then you pay by the weight.

When we saw the popcorn machine, we were confused because the machine was empty. We decided to ask one of the clerks how it was supposed to work. He didn't really answer the question, and basically just said "You guys want to try it?" And then he proceeded to pick up a boxed up popcorn and handed it to us, saying "You guys can have this. We are closing soon". At that point we were even more confused... Is he just... giving this to us for free? XD

In order avoid having someone chasing us out of the restaurant for not paying, we decided to ask that clerk again to clarify he was giving it to us for free. Long story short, we now have a box of popcorn sitting at the boyfriend's home. (No, we still don't know how the popcorn thing works exactly, and why there were boxes of popcorn lying around while it's supposed to be self-served)

At this point in time... we ded.

Until next time, readers!



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